Simple but Powerful

While scrolling Pinterest for ideas, I came across this image and was gutted.

Designer: Brother Ad School of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Photographer: Lucas Rozada
Campaign by: Amnesty International
Link: Pinterest link to and also

This is only one in a series of ads done by the Brother Ad School for Amnesty International’s campaign against domestic violence and child abuse. This series was launched to the public in June 2014.



(Con) Amnesty-International-Domestic-Abuse-ad-1

There is a lot of striking contrast within this ad. The words are white which contrasts with the black background, making it easy to read and find. The background is a solid black so the lit part of the face pops as a result. There is also a contrast in the color of the black eye and the face. They made the black eye dark enough to contrast with the rest of the kid’s face (and the other eye) so you wouldn’t miss it.


(R) Amnesty-International-Domestic-Abuse-ad-1

The first thing I noticed off the back was the use of “eyes”. Once you read the main sentence, you are then drawn to the kid’s eyes. This use of repetition is how this ad communicates its message. It’s not pointed out by arrows or told straight out but has the audience make the conclusion for themselves. I also notices that all the type was the same. This creates harmony between the message of the photo and what the call of action is. To me, it’s pointing out that if I see this, I need to report the abuse.


(A) Amnesty-International-Domestic-Abuse-ad-1

To me, there were two cases of alignment. One was that the main sentence fit between the nose and mouth of the child. This helps point out that we need to be looking at the kid’s face and not anywhere for this ad to get its point across. The second is in the corner with the logo and call to action. This is a dominant line that both lines conform to showing their are related in nature.


(P) Amnesty-International-Domestic-Abuse-ad-1

I love how they positioned the words on the child’s face here. This shows that the focus is on the child’s face and more specifically his eyes. Once you read the main tagline and see the kid’s black eye, your gut sinks because then you realize what is happening. If the words were farther away, the problem wouldn’t hit you in the gut as much.


(Col) Amnesty-International-Domestic-Abuse-ad-1

Overall, the tone of this ad is somber so to complement that, the designers chose a dark, muted color scheme. The child’s face is the only part that has color highlighting the focus of the ad. The black eye was made pretty dark to contrast with the lightness/color of the rest of his face so the audience can tell where the injury is.


All the principles work together to draw your focus first to the words of the tagline and then the child’s black eye. The ad wants you to make the conclusion yourself and understand the implications of what is happening at home for this child. It is a call to action to help those who in these situations and not to blow them off. It has a simplistic design but still delivers a powerful message.



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