Right Type for a Lefty Poster

The world has a lot of motivation posters. Some are catchy and cliche while others make you question the writer. This minimalist poster with only typography grabbed my eye.

(O) Go leftDesigner: Giuseppe Fierro (graphic designer and art director)

Collection: “Made of Two”

Found: Pinterest link to http://designtaxi.com/news/373234/Striking-Minimalist-Black-White-Posters-Featuring-Gorgeous-Typography/?interstital_shown=1

The UK-based Fierro designed this collection using “black and white, concept and layout, typography and shapes”. Some of the posters are motivation while others are a little more abstract in design and overall message.

Typeface #1

(1) Go left

The first typeface is the main message and is a sans serif type. There are no serifs on any of the letters. There are also no think or thin transitions in any of the letters. This makes it pretty easy to see when across a room.

Typeface #2

(2) Go left

The second typeface is in the corner and explains the message. This type is an oldstyle typeface. The text is in italics so it does make it a little hard to see the serifs but there are serifs. These serifs are rounded is which on of the main characteristics of oldstyle. There is also a little think to thin transitioning going. The italics make it hard to see the diagonal stress.


(Con) Go left

The two types contrast nicely with each other. One is a serif and the one is sans serif which is the easily form of contrast. The size is also exaggerated between the two helping with that. A minor contrast is that the main type isn’t in italics but the other is so there is a difference between the two looks.


The types faces are designed to help you read the poster more clearly. The main message is in sans serif to help it be read across the room easily. It has a neat and clean finish helping you stay focused on the type. The explanation is in oldstyle to help you read the smaller text and understand the meaning of the message. The curves show that the explanation is more information and helps draw you closer to the poster itself. Overall I think this poster’s typography helps convey the message of the poster very well.


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