Looking for Structure

There are lots of photos out there in the world. Using certain design principles, these photos stand above the rest.

Rule of Thirds


Link: Pinterest link to http://selectstudyabroad.com/tumblr/

I couldn’t find anything about the photographer but as the tumblr is for studying abroad, I would assume a student took it and submitted it to the website.

Thirds (1)

This photo does a great job of having the sunflowers at the bottom third. It draws your attention first to the bottom and then you work your way up the photo until you hit the top. To me, it shows the expanse of the sky.

My Rule of Thirds

Me - thirds.jpg

This is a picture taken in the gardens at BYU-I.

Me - thirds (1).jpg

I tried to use the rule of thirds by putting the face at the intersection of two third lines to draw focus to it. The body also lines up close to a third line.

Leading Lines

lines 2

Link: Pinterest Link to https://www.theodysseyonline.com/the-life-of-an-old-soul

I kept following the links but I ended up deep in a rabbit’s hole of pins and inspiration boards.

lines 2 tracks

The lines of the railroad tracks lead past the focus of the picture which is the girl on the tracks. This helps lead your eyes to where the photographer wants you to land on and think about.

My Leading Lines

Artemis - Maren

This is picture of my friend Maren in an outfit I made her.

Maren - lines (1)

The lines here help frame Maren and help give this picture a sense of depth. You start with Maren and then move backward.

Depth of Field


depth (1).jpg

The depth of field here helps you focus on the dandelion and not on the sunset in the back.

My depth of fieldRing (1)Ring.jpg

The depth of field here helps you focus on the wedding ring and not on the man in the background.


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