Dinosaur Bones and Other Ancient Life

I have always loved dinosaurs. I remember when I was little learning all the names I could. This love has lead me to countless museums and movies that continue to inspire me. For my icon set I decided to focus my attention on making icons for museum exhibit on dinosaurs and other ancient life that is commonly seen across the country.

Full Set

Dinos Full Set

I created this icon set based off reference photos of skulls. I wanted to emulate the colors that you normally see for bones in a museum. I didn’t want to have any unrealistic colors because natural history museums are more serious. The holes you would normally see the skull are denoted by the contrasting shapes within the skulls themselves. This helps keep a sense of realism to the skulls.

Also icons were made using Adobe Illustrator


Trex (400)

I chose the T-Rex first because this is one of the most recognizable skulls. Jurassic Park uses this skull as it’s logo. The one problem I had was putting the teeth too close together. Icons must be useful small or large and if the teeth are too close, they start to meld together.


Mammoth (400)

The next skull I chose was the mammoth. The tusks make it very recognizable to the general public. They are also used a lot in movies for children like Ice Age. I wanted the tusks to be as big as the skull because they are what people see first. I also thought having a different color for them would help distinguish them from the skull.


Triceratops (400)

Second to the T-Rex is definitely the triceratops. This skull features a big frill and three horns protruding from the face. I wanted this face to be more balanced between the unique features. The dark horns help bring a little more attention to them first.

Sabertooth Tiger

Sabertooth (400)

One of my favorite animals from the Ice Age is the Sabertooth Tiger. It had monsterous fangs which helped distinguish it from the rest of the feline family. I wanted to show off the fangs so I have the skull displayed with an open mouth and the teeth are a contrasting color. I wanted to show how fearsome this hunter was.


Saurolopus (400)

While the Saurolophus isn’t one of the most recognizable, it has a distinctive shape. There are several theories for the horn on the back of it’s skull. One is that it could reverberate sound like a trumpet. That would be cool to hear. I wanted to show off that shape in this icon. The teeth gave me trouble though.


Mosasaurus (400)

The mosasuarus is one scary fish! It was the predecesor to the modern day shark and had long sharp teeth. It’s skull was long and skinny to help it swim quickly in the water. It was one of the feature dinosaurs in the new Jurassic Park movie, Jurassic World.

Final Thoughts

With the contrasting colors for the holes, teeth, and realistic shapes for the skulls, this set helps show off the hold dinosaurs have on our world. I feel like my childhood love also come through without them becoming child-like.

Triceratops (60)Trex (60)Saurolopus (60)Sabertooth (60)Mosasaurus (60)Mammoth (60)


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