Read a Double Life Ad

I’ve always loved reading. Being able to escape to other worlds is a great way to spend a few hours. Because of this love, I’ve spent a fair bit of money at Barnes & Noble. I remember one lunch period during my senior year of high school. Three books from three different authors had just come out that month that I was waiting to read. I left, got the books and came back $70 poorer.

Professional Ad: Barnes & Noble – Read a Double Life

Barnes and Noble AdBarnes and Noble Slides


I love this ad by Barnes and Noble because of it’s simple concept. It’s promoting escaping this world for a little while by traveling to another by reading. This ad is targeted towards anyone who wants to escape their mundane life.

Barnes and Noble Slides2Barnes and Noble Slides3

The ad is designed with all the design elements of a printed English book. The words have a left alignment and a drop cap. The words are also aligned to the logo and tagline to show the connection between the words and the campiagn itself.

There aren’t any illustrations or photos besides the book becuase the creators wanted the words to shine on their own. Just like a book, the pictures come from your imagination and they wanted to bring that spirit to this ad.

The book this ad uses is The Life of Pi and summerizes some of the major events of the plot. The last line though refers to the reader needing to go and do laundry. There would be no need for the main character to go and do a load of whites but thats the difference between the two. We as readers traverse them both.

Barnes and Noble Slides4Barnes and Noble Slides5

The typograhy chosen here was an oldstyle serif. It is the easiest to read as body copy. This also means that the font can be smaller, meaning more words per page and less pages in the book. They used this font in both the bodycopy here and the tagline to show connection between the text and the campaign.

Barnes and Noble Slides6Barnes and Noble Slides7

The color they used was pretty simple. They wanted to words to hold the highest priority so they chose a dark background. This contrasts with the pages which are a cream color. This draws you eye to the pages fairly quickly. The binding is a pop of color that gives the ad depth and helps keep the pages seperate from the background. The logo is also a contrasting color to help the reader now where to go to get their books.

My Ad:

Barnes and Noble Slides8

Book: (royalty free)



Barnes and Noble Slides9

In my ad, I kept with the same, simple design shown in the professional ad. I wanted to keep the words the emphasis of the ad. The target audience is geared towards parents since I decided to go with a parent reading at the pool while their kids (presumably older) swim at the pool. I did keep the words in the bodycopy aligned with the logo though.

I kept the color scheme muted as well so that the pages stood out above the rest. I didn’t go for a book with a colorful binding but there is enough of a difference between the background and binding. There is still definition between the three elements. I kept the logo white to help people know what company put out the ads.

The book I chose to showcase is The Count of Monte Cristo which is one of my favorite books. The movie didn’t do it justice so I wanted to have people understand a little more of what the story is actually about. Because the main character is very rich, I decided to do some fancy lines to showcase that as well.

I choose a green and blue scheme for the slides (as seen above) because they were earthy, natural tones that don’t stand out above the ads.


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